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"I am Cecilia Poggi, and my mission is to help you gain clarity, achieve balance and boost your fulfillment. Together, we will build upon your strengths to help you get through and get passed your barriers so that you get to your desired state."

Meet Cecilia

"I love deeply, I have felt real sorrow, I have pursued many dreams and I continue to challenge myself daily to be a better human."


  • Cecilia, founder of Coaching with Gusto, professional and mom on her second act

  • Certified Executive Coach from Columbia University, in NYC & Mindfulness Specialist

  • 20 Years in Corporate Leadership & Advising

  • Global citizen, well versed in cross-cultural dynamics & diversity. Fluent in English  -  French  -  Spanish

  • Resides in California with her husband and two young daughters, serving a global client base

"I enjoy working with individuals, leaders and teams that are motivated to grow.  I am open to advisory & coaching sessions in French, Spanish or English."

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What you will gain by working with me
  • Build a personal and professional life map

  • Leverage your strengths and show-up confidently

  • Develop your communication skills and project more assertiveness

  • Learn to build relationships that inspire inclusion and collaboration 

  • Grow your vision and goals while committing to work-life balance

  • Unlock potential with proven mindfulness training

​"Sometimes all you need is a creative thought partner to motivate and support you to become the best version of you."

The reality is that sometimes we find ourselves “stuck” during our professional and life journey. Maybe you are simply looking to get unstuck, transition, develop skills or is it that something just feels off - like you are missing a sense of purpose? No matter what the situation, we can easily become overwhelmed, spinning our wheels in place and unable to step out and change our dynamics.

My role as a coach is to help you gain more self-awareness and clarity so that you can confidently step forward again.


My mission is to encourage your growth and increase your resilience by showing you how to break restrictive patterns and live openly and mindfully. Together we will identify your priorities and act on what matters to you most – I can’t wait to see you thrive as a leader, woman, and/or parent!

Working with me should feel like you are holding an invisible compass steering you a little closer to your goals and the life, career, relationships you genuinely want. Think of your coach as your creative thought partner who keeps you accountable every step of the way.


Compassionate Executive Coach, ready to take my clients to the next level with my mind-blowing mindset shifts and motivational programs!  Contact me for more details!

What I Specialize In



Leadership and Management 

Professional Growth

Overcoming Obstacles