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"I'm Cecilia, committed to guiding you towards clarity, balance, and fulfillment. Together, we'll leverage your strengths to overcome barriers and reach your desired state."

Meet Cecilia

Emotional intelligence: the key to unlocking success, one decision at a time.


  • Cecilia, an engineer by trade with 25 years of leadership and executive experience, now on her second act.

  • Certified Executive Coach from Columbia University, in NYC.

  • Committed to helping others achieve their desired personal or professional goals.

  • Dedicated to developing your brand while enhancing your leadership and communication skills through Emotional Intelligence.

  • Executive and technical leader with experience in the Banking, Sales, and Hospitality industries.

  • Fluent in English, French, and Spanish, with a global perspective.

  • Serving over 30 private clients and executive clients through GrowthSpace with a rating of 5/5.

  • Lives in New York City with her husband and two young daughters.

"I enjoy collaborating with individuals driven to achieve personal and professional growth. I conduct sessions in French, Spanish, or English."

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Are you looking to
  • Create a personal and professional roadmap

  • Cultivate your brand and leverage your strengths

  • Enhance your EQ to improve relationship and interpersonal skills

  • Enhance your leadership and communication skills

  • Expand your vision, achieve goals, and prioritize work-life balance

Your journey becomes more meaningful when you have a thought partner to share insights, navigate challenges, and celebrate victories.

Everyone experiences moments of feeling 'stuck' in their professional and life journey. Whether you're seeking to navigate a transition, develop new skills, or find more purpose, these moments can feel overwhelming.

As your creative thought partner, my role is to support you in gaining self-awareness and perspective, empowering you to confidently move forward.

My aim is to support you in developing your "personal" brand, so you can navigate both life and work leveraging your strengths while remaining committed to your values.

Together, we'll identify priorities and take action on what matters most to you.  Working with me should feel like having an invisible compass guiding you closer to your goals in life and/or career.

"Passionate about helping others thrive as leaders, women, and/or parents, I'm here to elevate my clients to the next level. Contact me for more details and references!"

What I Specialize In


Emotional Intelligence & Personal Branding

Leadership & Communication

Reach your Goals

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step..."

"Cecilia's personality and knowledge were the most enjoyable aspect. From the first session I felt comfortable speaking with her. She at times brought me out of my comfort zone which helped me grow. "

- MD, Finance

"Cecilia was very good at making me get to the root cause of the issues I wanted to work on. That helped me focus on what really needed to be solved. She was also great at helping me learn to break down my action items in smaller tangible tasks, which got me where I wanted to go. Cecilia made me feel heard without judgement and encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone to improve."

- Leader, Tech

Great collaboration - refining my goals and building brand awareness (highlighting my strengths and weaknesses); Cecilia provided me with the tools to be a successful leader and help me have a stronger voice in the workplace"

- VP, Sales

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