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About the Program
Read Prior to your 1st Session.

Our engagement will last 10 weeks with 5 coaching sessions in total.  If you need more time, please let your coach know via email immediately.


The success of the program revolves around:


  • Open communication is key to building a successful partnership.

  • Delivering on agreed assignments at least 24hrs prior to the next session. Sessions do not have value if progress in not being made outside of them.

  • We assume that the goals cannot always be achieved in 5 sessions, but that the client now has the awareness and perspective needed to further their learning with the help of tools, readings, and real-world practice.

  • A successful coaching engagement ends with the client having made meaningful progress towards their program goals and built their roadmap (Roadmap).

  • Your company contracted GrowthSpace for X number of sessions.  If a client wants to pursue more coaching to further their learning, they should make the ask to their company (not GrowthSpace).

  • Our sessions will remain strictly confidential, including these emails and any materials shared by your coach. Materials provided by your coach are proprietary of your coach and should not be distributed. 

  • We both understand that professionalism is vital for a successful partnership, and, in that spirit, we ask that everyone arrive at their session on time.

  • GrowthSpace requires 24 hours lead time to rescheduling a session. No Exceptions. If a client loses a session due to a situation out of their control, they should follow this process:


  1. Email your HR representative managing the Growthspace relationship.

  2. Detail the reason for missing your session and remind them that to complete the program you will need all sessions.

  3. Copy your manager. 

What to Expect on your FIRST session

  • Please ensure your equipment, video (zoom) and space are conducive to having a productive coaching session.

  • Come prepared to take notes.

  • Annotate your actions/homework clearly (and always email them back to your coach after the session).

  • Ask for clarity as needed.


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