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Professional Experience

Creative Partner

“What makes the desert beautiful,' said the little prince, is that somewhere it hides a well...” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


We all possess a reservoir of potential within us. To tap into this well, we require a healthy dose of introspection, identification of our strengths, and increase awareness.

My Consulting Practice

I'm dedicated to helping you create positive changes in both your professional and personal life. Together, we'll delve into your current situation, challenges, and motivations, tailoring programs to suit your needs. As your thought partner, I'll provide tools to enhance emotional intelligence and communication skills, ultimately aiming to strengthen our connection.


Experienced executive and technical leader with a proven track record in formulating strategies, driving change, delivering results, fostering relationships while navigating corporate politics. Demonstrated expertise in global corporate environments across diverse industries, including finance, hospitality, and sales.


Woman, partner, and mother, whose life experiences have enriched her soul. Specialized in finding solutions even when all cards seem stacked against you.



- Teacher's College 

  Columbia University in NYC

  Graduate Certificate - Executive Coaching

- University of Maryland

  Master Level Studies

  Information Technology

- University of Maryland

  B. S. Business Administration & Management

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