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Coaching with Cecilia

Each coachind sessions are unique beacuse they are tailored to each individual.  It is what you chose to share and experience that create its uniqueness. I persoanlly hold myself to the highest standard.  Your story remains your story and is never meant to be shared outside of the confines of our sessions -we are in a safe space together.  My goals are to understand your goals and help you unleash your full potential. This is your jouney -I am simply here to guide you and  experience your transformation.

"What makes the desert beautiful, said the little prince, is that somewhere it hides a well"Antoine de Saint -Exupery


We all have a “well” of potential inside of us.  To tap into our full potential, we need to look within to understand our strengths and our weaknesses.


  • You are looking to make changes in your personal life or career? ​

  • You have an idea or dream and cannot get it off the ground?

  • You have been unsuccessful at promoting your strengths and need help building your confidence?

  • You struggle to find alignment and motivate your teams.

  • You are struggling with a complicated situation affecting some or all areas of your life?

  • Looking to boost your relationships at work or at home?

  • There never seems to be enough hours in the day to efficiently manage your life or your family?

  • You live in auto-pilot mode and can't seem to organize your life to work less and bring more joy into it.


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  • banking

  • technology

  • hospitality,

  • arts 


Senior technical manager and Vice President, well versed in building strategies, leading change, managing for results, team building, project management, managing across cultures, and navigating the corporate political arena.  Operating in global corporate environments across a range of industries​: banking, arts, hospitality, sales


Woman, Wife, Mother, whose life experiences have enriched her soul.   Specialized in finding relief and solutions when all cards seem to be stacked against you.




- Teacher's College 

  Columbia University in NYC

  Graduate Certificate - Executive Coaching

- University of Maryland

  Master Level Studies

  Information Technology

- University of Maryland

  B. S. Business Administration & Management


"Am an engineer by trade, an efficiency expert by practice, and a designer by love.  I employ proven methodologies and techniques designed to help identify patterns, enable effectiveness and creativity, and shift focus towards progressive goals."

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How to Enhance

your Life with MINDFULNESS

When I first heard the term "practicing mindfulness", it stirred up images on me seating cross legged humming to myself and painfully trying to let my mind go blank. The concept seemed way too “touchy feely” for me. I am more of a “stare blankly at the horizon with a nice glass of wine” type of gal! Well, imagine my surprise, when I realized that I was already practicing mindfulness...


A   M I N D F U L N E S S  G L A N C E

Imagine that today was a great day - you are driving and singing to your heart’s content when suddenly you are pulled over and ticketed! Apparently, you did not come to a complete stop before continuing past the sign. How quickly did your day go from “happy joy joy” to feeling angry because you are certain that you stopped and remember slowly counting to THREE before moving forward again! No point in trying to dispute this fact with the police officer, whom you are certain ticketed you to reach his monthly quota. I imagine that many of us would feel upset, even a little deflated by this unforeseen situation. Let’s assume a few possible reactions to what happened:


Tell yourself that there are bigger things to worry about, pay the ticket and be done with it. Drive off - End of Story!

Drive home, still stewing over what happened, and suddenly in a terrible mood. Last thing you needed is that extra expense!


Which of the two feels more like a you are well on your way to practicing mindfulness?   Both! Mindfulness is NOT about repressing your feelings and in scenario TWO, you are letting your mind and body acknowledge the negative emotion and then allowing your body to filter and absorb it. When you practice mindfulness, you master letting go of that negative feeling so that it does not completely overshadow the day’s more positive experiences and  return to the present moment– it's fine to be upset but don’t you want to get back to singing!?

M I N D F U L L N E S S  as  a  T O O L

“Mindfulness is about changing your relationship with your thoughts and how you react to them”.

The basic concept of mindfulness is to approach every new situation without any pre-conceived notions, judgments, or the “oh, here we go again”.  Just like in the example above, you still have the right to opinions about why you were ticketed and even feel upset but it does not need to paralyze your ability to think and act with clarity so that you don’t sabotage your day or well-being. Then maybe then can you get to the first reaction above and learn to let go!

“Mindfulness is about being present in the moment".

A 2010 Harvard study suggests that 47% of the time we are lost in thought. We have grown accustomed to performing tasks in autopilot mode.  We rarely think through what we are doing and have become consciously unaware of our surroundings. Mindfulness helps us re-wire our brain and regain consciousness of the present, allowing us to experience life more creatively, calmly and with added clarity. I integrate Mindfulness in my coaching and advising practice to help my clients:

Reduce stress and anxiety and conflicts

Learn to unplug and reboot

Manage patterns and triggers

Increase creativity and confidence

Enhance their decision-making and problem-solving skills

Attain more inner peace, focus and forgiveness

Become more accepting and forge deeper connections

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