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"I am Cecilia Poggi, and my mission is to help you gain clarity, achieve balance and boost your fulfillment. Together, we will build upon your strengths to help you get through and get passed your barriers so that you get to your desired state."

Meet Cecilia

"I love deeply, I have felt real sorrow, I have pursued many dreams and I continue to challenge myself daily to be a better human."

A B O U T   M  E 

  • Cecilia, founder of Coaching with Gusto, professional and mom on her second act

  • Certified Executive and Life Coach from Columbia University, in NYC

  • 20 Years in Corporate Leadership & Advising

  • Resides in California with her husband and two young daughters, serving a global client base

"I enjoy working with individuals, leaders and teams that are motivated to grow.  I am open to advisory & coaching sessions in French, Spanish or English."

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looking to enhance your leadership skills, improve overall performance and attain set goals, foster a growth mindset, ready to get promoted or transition, eager to start exploring a new career?

can't move passed a difficult life situation, overwhelmed with juggling life and family, looking for more fulfilling life & relationships, just ready for a change, new outlook, new look?​​

​"Sometimes all you need is a creative thought partner to motivate and support you to become the best version of you."

I work under the assumption that we are all knowledgeable and driven but most importantly, it's also important to acknowledge that we are also human and often overwhelmed. At some point,  collaborating with someone who is far along on their journey of struggles and achievements is the most productive way to get you to your desired state. I am CONFIDENT that I can motivate you if you are willing to dive-in headfirst and partner with me. And H-O-W do we dive in headfirst when our mind is constantly spinning thoughts, scenarios, and concerns that continue to EXHAUST us daily? Simple, when you come to the realization that something needs to change to become more effective "at life".  


We all at some point need a sounding board with whom we can openly share our thoughts and begin to untangle the web we created inside our heads.  

My role as your coach is to help you build yourself stronger and more focused while you learn to eliminate any limiting beliefs you may have about yourself. Through the use of proven mindfulness techniques, I will teach you how to free yourself from distractions that simply weigh you down and consume your energy.  When you finally realize that you hold all the power to make these changes,  we can start to work towards the kind of life, career and relationships you truly want.

Let me h-e-l-p you! I am a certified result-oriented motivational coach. I incorporate both my professional and life experience, along with different tools and techniques, to help you derive solutions and actionable plans. Most importantly, I will teach you to break restrictive patterns, identify your priorities and act on what matters to you most so that you can thrive.

By the end of each session, you should feel more confident, like if you were holding an invisible compass steering you a little closer to your goals.

What I Specialize In



Leadership & Growth Mindset


Cross - Cultural Awareness


MOM = More of Me

Life Unexpected & Loss

Self - Care & Mindfulness


Infertility & Adoption

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step..."

Cecilia is very spontaneous and engaging.  I felt she could almost see through me and that was unsettling at first but her wisdom and knowledge quickly puts you at ease and on the right track!

- MD, Private Equity

I was reluctant to get a coach but my friend highly recommended Cecilia.  I did not want to feel like I was in therapy.  I don't think I have laughed and learned so much about myself even after only 1 session. By the second one I was hooked!

- VP, IT Security

Cecilia is a wiz at the power of deduction.  She will ask you poignant questions without you realizing where she is taking you.  Soon you will be asking yourself: “How did she get me to uncover all these facts about myself.” Very invigorating!  

- Founder, Stylist


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